The first time I made a Minky blanket was when my daughter was 2 years old and became ill with RSV. It soon became her comfort blanket. Kaitlyn still sleeps with it every night, she is now 6 yrs old! I saw how soothing a Minky blanket could be and wanted to make more! The texture of minky seems to have a calming effect, it's softness is very unique in the fabric world.

I love the creative process involved in making great baby blankets, accessories, and clothing. I really enjoy putting together the perfect color combination's for my customers and adding the special, personal touches. This makes it much more memorable than the mass produced blankets normally found in stores. I like to stay on top of current trends with minky prints and patterns, but I also enjoy using the more traditional colors. My customer's input is always welcome and encouraged!

Sewing is a passion for me. Women in my family have been sewing creatively for generations, and I am pleased that I can continue the tradition. I hope to inspire my children with my sewing and designs. I want them to be proud of their Mommy for achieving her dreams with a home-based business.